Panoramic Views and Wide Open Plains

Open Year Round (FB or GP)

Located on the eastern edge of central Serengeti, far away from the noise and disturbance of the well-traveled tourist circuits sits Sametu Camp. Situated near the famous Barafu and Sametu Kopjes, the camp boasts quiet seclusion, panoramic views of the wide open savannah plains and the Ngarenanyuki River meandering near the edge of camp. Central Serengeti is home to the beautiful Seronera Valley where several rivers run through it enabling many resident animals to thrive year-round. The combination of location and resident prey attracts the largest populations of predators in Africa including lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyenas. Since many of these carnivores are themselves residents (lions maintain their territories throughout the year), excellent encounters are available year-round regardless of the season or where the large migratory herds are located. In fact, the most dynamic hunting scenes can be viewed during the dry season (typically July through October) since there is less food supply and more competition.